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BSc Management and Security Studies

Provides students with the knowledge to understand national, regional and global concepts in Security Studies while at the same acquiring professional skills in management.

BSc Management and Security Studies


The Bachelor of Science in Management and Security Studies provides students with the knowledge to understand national, regional and global concepts in Security Studies while at the same acquiring professional skills in management. The programme provides coverage of core management topics as well as in-depth knowledge in security studies. In addition, students will acquire knowledge in the specific areas of social sciences in such electives as psychology and sociology. This combination of knowledge and skills will equip graduates with valuable attributes that will help them add value to their security work as well as provide a foundation for them to enhance their career development.

The programme is taught by faculty with globally recognised qualifications and extensive experience in academia and industry. A unique feature is the use of Case Studies in all BSMSS seminars that bring the world of business security into the Security Studies classroom.

As most students are also working professionals, the courses in the School of Business have been developed with an emphasis on resolving work-based problems and industry linkages whenever possible. This allows students to apply what they have learnt in class to their work environment.


Admission Requirements

Refer to general admission criteria for undergraduate programme.

Interviews will be conducted for all shortlisted applicants to assess their suitability in terms of their motivation and ability to complete the programme.

Financial Assistance

There are also various types of financial aid available to students who need financial assistance. Please click here for more details.

Full and partial scholarships are available from various branches of the Home Team. Terms and conditions apply.

Programme Structure

BSc Management and Security Studies
Students are required to complete a total of 130 credit units (cu) to graduate with a basic degree, inclusive of 10 cu of SUSS core courses.

BSc (Honours) Management and Security Studies
Students who achieve a CGPA of 3.5 and above upon completion of their basic degree will be invited to enroll in this Honours programme.

Students who accept the invitation will need to complete another 40 cu of courses to achieve 170 cu in total and have to satisfy all university requirements in order to graduate with honours.

Module Types
10 cu
100 cu
20 cu

This programme is designed for applicants who are Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR) and Singapore-domiciled foreigners from the following groups: MINDEF, former Civilians working in MINDEF (DXOs, MXOs), active MINDEF NSMen, Military Expert (ME) Scheme, Military Expert (ME Reservist) Scheme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel, Singapore Prisons’ Service (SPS), Singapore Police Force Officers (SPF), Home Team NS, Home Team Academy (HTA), and Training Command (TRACOM). Applicants from Women Police Officers’ units, former Women Police Officers, former Women Auxiliary Police Officers, and former Civilians working in MHA units/branches, Police National Service men (PNSMen), Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSCs), and Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs) are also welcome. Members of the private-sector security industry (security directors, managers, supervisors, guards, and civilian personnel in security companies), quasi-public sector security personnel, other GLCs, Joint-Venture security companies that are overseas or locally-based including agencies associated with Commercial Crime, Internal Security, former Gurkha officers and NCOs, private investigators (PI); as well as personnel in Cybercrime, Forensic Pathology, Forensic Accountancy, the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA), Cybersecurity, Temasek Holdings companies, and subsidiaries, Singapore Airlines security, Changi Airport security, Changi Aviation security personnel, ST Engineering and its subsidiaries are also eligible to apply.

Besides the Singapore Police Force and other departments of the Home Team, graduates of this programme may apply for work in security management in the security departments of all domestic and foreign companies, as well as take on the role of managers in the civil service sector and statutory boards.

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