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BSc Business Analytics

Bachelor's Degree Programme

The Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics provides students with the ability to apply appropriate business analytics techniques so that business data can be transformed into value-added information.

BSc Business Analytics


Singapore is fast developing into a globally competitive knowledge-based economy that thrives on the availability of information and knowledge. With the explosive growth in data, there is a growing demand for graduates who are able to harness the data for business decision making.

The BSc in Business Analytics equips students with the ability to apply appropriate analytics techniques so that business data can be transformed into valuable information. This in turn helps organisations to improve operational performance, enhance customer engagements, and identify new opportunities to steer the organisations forward.

The programme offers a balanced curriculum that covers essential business modules as well as data analytics. Armed with a solid foundation in business fundamentals and relevant data analytics skills, students are equipped to pursue a minor programme (e.g., Information and Communications Technology, Finance, Marketing, Accountancy, etc.) to further specialise in their chosen field.

The final-year students are required to complete a comprehensive project that puts their business analytics skills and knowledge into practical application. Hence, graduates acquire the ability to perform a broad range of tasks needed for data-driven businesses.

Unique Features of the Programme
The programme offers an immersive learning experience where real-world data and examples are used as part of the applied learning approach. Every year, we invite students from JCs and Polys to experience our immersive training workshop and take part in the Analytics and Visualization Challenge. If you are interested, please visit this page. Similarly, existing students showcase their applied projects via the annual Analytics Innovation Forums. Additionally, the vibrant Business Analytics Student Interest Group actively organises enriching workshops and activities that promote both learning and bonding among students. Don't forget to read their newsletters here.

The programme offers an external course on “AI for Industry”, in collaboration with AI Singapore. Business Analytics degree students who have outstanding CUs under Major Electives can consider applying for this course. Note that this scheme is exclusively offered to students taking Business Analytics as the first-major only. More details are given in this file.

The programme allows students to acquire technical and interpersonal skills in the analytics major. Additionally, the flexible structure of the programme allows students to deepen or broaden their course selections to suit their personal preferences, interests, and career aspirations. Students may select a complementary minor and/or free electives.

Here are some examples of how this can be achieved:

Course Selection Purpose Possible Job Role
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Minor (30 cu)
Learn business and quantitative skills in analytics with accompanying hard skillsets in ICT. Data Engineer, Data Analytics Consultant, ICT Analyst,
Machine Learning Specialists, Technical Analyst, etc.

Minor (30 cu)
Learn business and quantitative skills in analytics and then deepen in financial technology. Fintech Analyst, Risk Analyst, Blockchain Analyst, Fintech Product Consultant, etc.
Minor (30 cu)
Combine analytics with marketing to develop a diverse range of hard and soft skills for different industries and job roles. Analysts in Digital Marketing, Customer Insights, Market Research, Products, and Sales, etc.
Free Electives (30cu) Learn hard and soft skills in analytics and then deepen and broaden in other disciplines. Marketing Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Marketing Operations Analyst, etc.

The curriculum presented on this page is only applicable to students who enroll in the programme from the July 2023 Semester onwards.

Students may pursue Analytics as a single major or in a combination with a minor.

Admission Requirements

Refer to general admission criteria for undergraduate programmes.

Interviews will be conducted for all shortlisted applicants.

Financial Assistance

There are also various types of financial aid available to students who need financial assistance. Please click here for more details.

Programme Structure

To graduate with a basic degree, students are required to complete 130 credit units (cu), which include:

Module Types
10 cu
5 cu
5 cu
65 cu
0 to 15 cu
30 to 45 cu

(Students can use 30 cu to take a minor.)

This programme targets working adults and mature learners who are in jobs who require skills to make sense of the immense data that is collected be it on the Internet or in databases or data warehouses. Professionals in IT or other fields seeking a mid-career switch to jobs in Business Analytics can also benefit from this programme.

What do Business Analytics Graduates work as and where can they work in?

There are typically 3 types of organisations that will employ our graduates. They are business analytics vendors and system integrators, consulting and marketing research firms and end-users of business analytics across the private and public sectors. The following are the job roles and companies that have employed our graduates:

Job RoleCompanyType of Organisations
Analytics ConsultantSift Analytics Group
(formerly known as SPSS BI Singapore)
Business Analytics Vendors & System Integrators
Associate Analytics ConsultantSAS Singapore
Technical AnalystNTT Data Business Solutions
Decision Science ConsultantAimia (formerly known as Carlson Marketing)Consulting & Marketing Research Firm
Research AnalystAcorn Marketing & Research
Client Solution ExecutiveThe Nielsen Company
Data AnalystCarlson Hotels, Asia PacificEnd-users of Business Analytics - Private

Manager, Web Analytics & ContentMillenium & Copthorne
Customer Touchpoint Measurement SpecialistOCBC Bank
AnalystOCBC Bank
Analyst, Business Analytics - Consumer BankingDBS Bank
Data Analytics ManagerSingtel
Sales Operations Support AnalystThomson-Reuters
Marketing Analytics AnalystMarina Bay Sands
Research AssistantNUSEnd-users of Business Analytics - Public
Manager, Management Information UnitWDA
IT ConsultantMOM
Manager, Business ComplianceMOM
Senior Executive, Data MinerSMRT
Executive, Transport Planning (Data Mining)SMRT
Assistant Executive, Quality ServiceMND
Data Management ExecutiveMinistry of Social and Family Developments
Lecturer & Course Co-ordinator, Business Intelligence & AnalyticsTemasek PolytechnicInstitute of Higher Learning
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