Advocacy Groups

Advocacy Groups (AG) provide students with opportunities to contribute towards building a supportive environment for the student community. 

SUSS AGs work in close partnership with the Office of Student Life in providing an enriching and inclusive student experience through spearheading programmes in their respective focus areas.  

SUSS Advocacy Groups


1SUSS aims to create a unified SUSS community through listening and championing initiatives that foster the growth of a cohesive community. Comprising of student leaders from different schools, majors, and student groups, these student leaders serve as the bridge between the SUSS student body, university management and faculty.

Through their various initiatives, 1SUSS will represent the voices of SUSS students and work to communicate your needs and wants to the University, as well as strengthen the sense of belonging within the student community 

Instagram: @one.suss

Student leaders under SUSS Catalyst drive active citizenry in the SUSS community through programmes which help cultivate a greater appreciation of Singapore's culture, heritage and history as well as raise awareness of social issues.

Beyond building a more informed community of students, the experiences designed by CatalySt aim to expose, educate and encourage students to get involved and drive positive change in issues important to them.

Instagram: @susscatalyst

Students championing well-being through peer support are the caring SUSS OWLs (Our Wellbeing Listeners). The group of student leaders have undergone training to be equipped with the skills required to provide a listening ear and emotional support to the student body. 

With the aim of fostering a supportive community in SUSS, the OWLs also organise various outreach initiatives throughout the year to increase mental health awareness and promote positive well-being. 

Instagram: @suss.owls

SUSS SEALS (Special Education & Accessible Learning Supporters) are a group of student leaders who advocate for inclusive practices and accessible learning for all. Through their initiatives, the SEALS hope to instill greater awareness and understanding of person with disabilities/special needs, towards developing a more caring and inclusive SUSS community. 

Instagram: @suss.seals

The Student Teambuilding Ambassadors, also known as STARs, are student leaders who work closely with the Office of Student Life to champion the student onboarding experience in SUSS.

As the first touchpoint for new incoming students, they welcome SUSS freshmen into the SUSS community and facilitate relationship building and skill development. 

The STARs are involved in exciting Onboarding programmes such as:

Supporting international students as they navigate university life in SUSS is SUSS Voyage.

Beyond organising events and social activities to allow international students to get to know one another, the team student leaders are also involved in spearheading initiatives to promote intercultural friendship and exchange at SUSS.

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