Campus Safety

SUSS aims to provide our students with a safe, secure, and enjoyable university experience by raising the safety consciousness within the student community and provision of relevant resources.

SUSS Emergency Preparedness Programme aims to equip students with an understanding of the risk management process, and the skills and tools for risk mitigation when conducting any local and overseas field trips.

Students are required to read the SUSS Emergency Management System (EMS) Guide for Field Trips and complete/pass an online Risk Analysis and Management System (RAMS) quiz before embarking on any of the following SUSS Programmes:

  • Experiential Teambuilding Programme (ETB)*
  • Overseas Experiential Learning & Global Learning Programmes
  • Overseas Summer School
  • Local/ and Overseas Work Attachment
  • Overseas Exchange Programmes
  • Overseas Competitions or Challenges
  • Any other overseas programmes endorsed or organized by SUSS

The online quiz is designed to:

  • Familiarise students with SUSS Emergency Management System (EMS)
  • Equip students with basic skills and knowledge to identify potential risks associated with their overseas travel
  • Raise student's awareness in the mitigating strategies to reduce risk

The EMS guide is a useful resource to help prepare for your field trips. A copy of the EMS guide can be downloaded here. Students who have yet to complete the online RAMS Quiz and require it for overseas travel or Work Attachment, please email to Student Life. 

*The Online RAMS Quiz has been integrated as a learning objective with the Experiential Teambuilding Programme (ETB). All students who have attended and achieved a PASS on any ETB course would have PASSED the Online RAMS Quiz.

Advanced RAMS Workshop

Emergency - 2

The main objective of the Advanced RAMS Workshop is to raise students’ risk assessment skills to an advanced level. Through case studies review and scenario-based training, students will be able to practice risk assessment and heighten their senses for risk identification.

The workshop will cover the following areas:

  • Overview of RAMS principles
  • Advanced and additional insights into RAMS
  • Connecting the thinking processes to the proposal and reporting systems
  • Case studies and application

This workshop runs twice a year and student leaders involved in leading and organising school activities will be invited to partake. Students who are not currently involved in an Advocacy Group/Competition Group/Interest Group are to submit their request to Student Life to take part in the training. 

E-modules are available via Canvas to deepen student's awareness on topics related to safety such as understanding risks and Emergency management system (EMS), Drugs and Harassment.

Full-time students complete these modules as part of the Student Teambuilding Programme. Additionally, the e-module on Understanding and Managing Harassment is offered to all SUSS students. Students may log in to Canvas to access this module.

Students who require safety or security advice when planning events and activities can email to Student Life at

SUSS has partnered with International SOS (ISOS) to provide worldwide emergency support to all SUSS students and staff for official overseas travels.

The Travel Assistance membership offers the latest travel advisories, preventive and emergency assistance through ISOS network of assistance centers, clinics, health and logistics providers around the world. ISOS also has a worldwide team of physicians, multilingual coordinators, operations managers, logistics support personnel and medical and security professionals on hand for immediate support should any difficulties be encountered during overseas programmes, study missions, or business trips.

To log into the ISOS members portal for the latest information and updates, please contact Student Life to get the membership number. Students who download the Assistance App for Mobile Device and create an account using their SUSS email would have SUSS's ISOS Membership ID pre-filled.

Before travelling, access the membership e-guide to understand all the services available under the membership with examples of the benefits.

Student Insurance Scheme

  • For Full-Time Students - here
  • For Part-Time Students: Only Part-Time students involved in approved student activities are covered under the Personal Accident Coverage Insurance. Students may refer to this link for details of the Personal Accident Coverage.
  • For Law Students - here
  • For Graduate Students - here

Student Travel Insurance 

Find out more on student travel insurance matters here.


If you require well-being support, you can check out the resources here.

Emergency Contacts:

  • Campus Security: +65 6248 9100
  • Fire / Ambulance: 995
  • Police: 999

Students who wish to report:

  • an incident relating to student conduct - Refer to the SUSS student handbook for more details.
  • an incident regarding your safety or well-being while on SUSS programme - Email to Student Life.


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Emergency Preparedness

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