Other Programmes for SUSS Students

Students can enhance their Global Learning Experience at SUSS through a variety of exciting opportunities such as spending a month or a semester abroad and participating in short-term immersion programmes offered by the Office of Global Programmes (OGP) or other SUSS offices and departments. 

Global Learning


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The Flagship Programmes allows students to engage in meaningful intercultural exchanges with fellow students and communities around the world through programmes designed and curated by the team of Office of Global Programmes.
Flagship Programmes include:  

1) Sociovation Forum

Sociovation Forum for Other Programmes

Youth across ASEAN are brought together through the Socialovation Forum to address issues and challenges and to engage in design thinking with our faculty, local partners, and stakeholders. Together, students will build a working prototype and test ideas, as well as cultivate valuable friendships. 

Discover more about our 2023 programmes and highlights.

2) Short-term Immersion Programmes

Inbound Programme 1

In line with SUSS’s emphasis on cultivating the ‘Head’, ‘Heart’ and ‘Habit’, participants of our inbound programmes have enjoyed learning through a mixture of workshops, seminars, and guided explorations in different parts of our city-state.

Oftentimes guided by themes grounded in sustainable development and social innovation, you may expect an immersive learning experience that will provide you with an awareness about emerging signals of change against the backdrop of Singapore’s sociocultural and economic developments.

3) #CONVERGE Series

Converge 1

The #CONVERGE series brings students together to create lasting positive changes on the lives of communities around the region. This allows students to gain hands-on experience in tackling topics on digital marketing and e-commerce challenges of a social impact business. Students can tap from industry experts and skills to gain value knowledge to apply in actual situations. 

More information about #CONVERGE Series can be found here.

4) Other Global Learning Opportunities

For all upcoming opportunities supported by the Office of Global Programmes, students can refer to the announcements on Canvas for more information.

SUSS forges partnerships with selected universities to promote and facilitate the student semester exchange programmes each year. Through the development of strategic partnerships with selected universities, the Office of Global Programmes strives to maintain and sustain quality exchange programmes to provide students with rich opportunities for personal growth and development in the context of a different educational, social, and cultural setting. Students can immerse themselves for a semester in one of SUSS partner universities, both local and overseas, for an enriching learning experience.

As an SUSS exchange student, you will be enrolled full-time in one of SUSS’ local, or overseas partner universities. As part of the collaborative agreements, SUSS students enrolled in our partner universities continue to pay tuition fees to SUSS and enjoy a waiver of tuition fees at the host institution.

In addition, students get to earn and clear credit units while studying in another institution. SUSS welcomes applications from students who perform well in academics and exhibit exciting potential to be good ambassadors for SUSS. 

SUSS offers two kinds of Outbound Student Semester Exchange programmes: 

1) Local Student Semester Exchange (SEP)

Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme (SUSEP)

SUSEP is the local version of SEP which allows students to experience a different academic life in another local university for 1 semester. Students who do not wish or do not have the financial capacity to go abroad for an entire semester may apply for the SUSEP in SUSS’ local partner universities with the Office of Global Programmes. 

Our Partner Universities

SUSS is proud to partner the following universities to offer the SUSEP programme: 


Student quota for the academic year 

National University of Singapore (NUS) 

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 

Singapore Management University (SMU) 

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) 

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) 


For more information on the SUSEP, please write to suss_global@suss.edu.sg 

2) Overseas Student Semester Exchange (SEP)

The Overseas SEP allows students to spend a full semester abroad to widen their horizons, gain and hone important soft skills in preparation for a world beyond the academic environment after graduation. 

The opportunity to live and study in another country for an entire semester allows students to gain experiences of immense value to future employers. Non-academic skill sets like other life skills students may acquire during the SEP period abroad make the SEP more rewarding. 

Interested students may apply when the application period commences. Outbound SUSS Students must be nominated by the Office of Global Programmes to study at a SUSS’ partner university. Furthermore, SUSS students must remain enrolled in SUSS and the selected host university for the full duration of the SEP. SUSS students continue to pay course fees to SUSS, while all course-related fees are waived. Students are responsible for their own expenses which include airfare, accommodation, food, transport, SUSS travel insurance etc. 

Benefits of the Overseas SEP:

  1. The overseas SEP is endorsed for GL-graduation requirement.  

  2. Experience new cultures/practices, see novel places and learn the basics of the mother tongue language of another country that you might have only read about.  

  3. Gain fresh perspectives of the courses you are intending to take, for you will have the opportunities to learn alongside students from international institutes around the world. 

  4. Immerse in the host country and learn the colloquial language from the people on the streets. The opportunity to learn phrases and expressions of daily use from the locals will be nonetheless valuable.  

  5. Make lifelong friends on an international scale.

For more information on the SEP, please write to suss_global@suss.edu.sg 


Many overseas universities offer courses open to international students during their vacation period in the summer or winter seasons. OSS/OWS programmes are diverse courses offering rich learning opportunitiesat various destinations. 
Students may earn credits towards their degree programme and are strongly encouraged to apply for courses that add professional value to their academic achievements, and to pursue the experience with an open mind as they interact and engage with other international students. 
OSS programmes usually take place from June to August, while OWS programmes take place from December to January. Different programmes have different start and end dates depending on the host university and may be offered in-person or virtually. These programmes are shorter in duration than Semester Exchange Programmes, and do not disrupt the academic term as it takes place during school vacation periods.
While on their respective OSS/OWS programs, students are responsible for their own expenses, which include programme fees, SUSS travel insurance, airfare, accommodation, food, and transportation. 




For more information about the courses or programmes offered under the Office of Global Programmes, drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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