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S R Nathan School of Human Development

Transforming Lives, Serving Society.

The S R Nathan School of Human Development (NSHD) is a multidisciplinary school dedicated to the applied study of inherent human potential across a broad spectrum of social disciplines. The School’s teaching and research encompass the range of factors influencing the abilities of the individual, the family and the community. With programmes from Early Childhood Education to Gerontology, our interests cover humanity’s socio-cultural growth throughout a lifespan. Our work has the advancement of service at its heart, and this is especially manifested in such disciplines as Social Work and Counselling. Other programmes, such as Education, Human Resource Management, and Community Leadership recognise the dynamic relationship between the individual and the community as one that is transformative, and always with the extension of well-being as an imperative.

The School’s vision of "Transforming Lives, Serving Society" is a tribute to the legacy of late-President S.R. Nathan. His contribution to Singapore's Social Service sector, the Labour movement, as well as other nurturing professions, continues to inspire our dedication.

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