SUSS Convocation
Class of 2021

5 - 12 October 2021

Congratulations from Director, Office of Student and Alumni Relations

Dear Graduands,

Congratulations to the Class of 2021. Although the Covid-19 pandemic is still in our midst, we are grateful that many of us have the opportunity to receive our vaccinations so that both we and our loved ones are better protected. It is also because of this and everyone's collective efforts to adhere to safe management measures that we are able to organize this physical convocation for the Class of 2021.

This scaled down convocation ceremony that we have arranged, did not come easy. It requires lots of pre-preparation, event day safe management measures and post event sanitisation after each session. But we wanted to make the effort for the Class of 2021 to celebrate your milestone achievement, witnessed by your loved ones.

This ceremony may not have the same vibrancy as being among a large audience of about 1,500 graduands and guests in the Grandhall, as seen in past Convocations, but it is extra meaningful because it is made possible amidst challenging times. But one thing we have all learned is that the situation is tenuous. It can change in the blink of an eye and we need to be prepared. We tend to take many things for granted until we are no longer able to have them. There are valuable lessons for us all from this pandemic.

Here's a personal note to the Class of 2021. Adopt the 3Ps, Prevail, Pivot and Prepare now for the future when circumstances improve, as surely it will. The job market may be less promising for fresh graduates and even for our part-time students (who already have work experience) to enter or seek career advancement with your new qualification. But let's treasure each interaction, seize every opportunity that comes by to sharpen our competencies, pick up new skills and expand our network. Continue to learn and in this aspect, as our alumni, the university's Alumni Continuing Education (ACE) scheme will offer you opportunities to remain engaged with us for lifelong learning. Check out the offers on the Centre for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) and Alumni websites.

Soldier on, the skies will clear and we will see light at the end of the tunnel. When the time comes, your current efforts will have prepared you for the exciting opportunities that await.

Happy graduation!

Best Wishes,
Evelyn Chong
Office of Student and Alumni Relations

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