SUSS Convocation
Class of 2023

10 - 12 October 2023

Congratulations from Director, Office of Student and Alumni Relations

Dear Graduands,

Congratulations to the Class of 2023. Now that Covid-19 is considered endemic, life is rapidly returning to normal, or more accurately it is returning to a new normal.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world and made us reflect and review many things that we have taken for granted.  Almost all aspects of life, be it politics, technology, economics, or human interactions have seen massive disruptions.

How have these disruptions impacted you, our new cohort of graduands? Are jobs at risk with the advancement of automation, powered by artificial intelligence where robots can do the routine work more efficiently and speedily than humans?  With hybrid or remote working arrangements, will human relations be diluted?  Can we afford to bury our heads in the sand, hibernate and hope to wake up one day to find that all these are but a bad dream?  I think not.  There is no turning back. 

Hence, we need to learn not just to survive but to thrive in this new age of change.  First, it needs us to have a positive mindset.  See technology as an enabler, one that frees us from mundane tasks, allowing more time for value-adding and interesting work, as well as rest and recreation.   See hybrid and remote work arrangements as means for greater flexibility to balance work and personal commitments. See face-to face interactions as opportunities for relationship building, beyond project discussions.   

Having the right mindset is a good start but many will tell you that it is easier said than done. Reality bites! Yes, it does but can we not anticipate and adapt? We are not sitting ducks, waiting to be eliminated. Get ourselves prepared for the journey ahead.  Seize every opportunity that comes by to sharpen your competencies, pick up new skills and expand your network. 

Look to SUSS as one of the pillars that you can lean on. Encapsulated in our Vision are the three Ls – Lifelong learning, learning for Life and impacting Lives. As a champion of lifelong learning since we took in our first cohort of students back in 2005, SUSS will continue to support and provide you the opportunities for up-skilling and up-grading, as our alumni.

Check out what courses and concessions the Schools and Centre for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) have on offer.  Look beyond the academic options to develop life skills by participating actively in other alumni activities offered by alumni relations and other units in SUSS. Consider how you can contribute your time and resource in helping those in greater need of assistance. For it is in giving that we also receive.

Fill your days with passion and compassion in all that you do. Beyond self-actualisation, we exhort you to go make your mark for the greater good. 

Happy graduation!

Best Wishes,
Evelyn Chong
Office of Student and Alumni Relations

Orientation July 2019 - Support Services

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