SUSS Convocation
Class of 2023

10 - 12 October 2023

Giving Back

Dear Class of 2023,

Class Giving at SUSS is a tradition of marking Convocation, a special occasion in our lives, with a meaningful legacy. It is a momentous milestone, even for our family members and dear ones as they celebrate our achievements and hard work together with us.

Before the SUSS Class Giving Committee 2023 move on to a new chapter of our lives, we want to create a purposeful impact for our fellow schoolmates. It may be hard to imagine coming to school without a well-functioning laptop, but truth is, some of our peers face difficulty owning a working laptop or tablet. 

In an effort to support them, the Class Giving Committee 2023 is raising funds for the SUSS Tech Grant Fund, which provides financial assistance to students to acquire devices that would aid their course of study. We hope you can join us in creating this difference by making a donation here.

Together, WE can positively shape lives and our community.

Thank you.
Class Giving 2023 Committee


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