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The writing workshops aim to provide personalised feedback to improve students’ writing skills in different types of assignments in the university context, such as essay writing, proposal writing and report writing.Writing Workshops

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Note: Some courses may have additional requirements.




What is academic writing? How is it different from other genres of writing that you’ve done? Get a head start on submitting good reports and essays by learning what constitutes good academic writing.

Course Level: Introductory

Area of Focus: Essay Writing

Target Participants: New students. No pre-requisite required.

What is a research proposal? How do you write a literature review? This workshop introduces the writing and research skills necessary for composing good proposals and literature reviews in the initial stage of capstone projects/ applied projects/ postgraduate dissertations.

Course Level: Advanced

Area of Focus: Research Writing

Target Participants: Students who need to do capstone projects/applied projects/ postgraduate dissertations

How should you describe research methods and present research findings? This workshop strengthens your understanding of research writing, and enhances the writing skills you need for capstone projects/ applied projects/ postgraduate dissertations.

Course Level: Advanced

Area of Focus: Research Writing

Target Participants: Students who need to do capstone projects/applied projects/postgraduate dissertations

Workshop Calendar

View the dates for the upcoming workshop sessions in the calendar below.

NoteThe workshop dates, times and venues may be subject to change.

Please click HERE if you are unable to view the calendar.

How to Register?

Registration can be done via the Student Portal during the Registration Period.

  1. Login to Student Portal.
  2. Click on "E-Services" on the left menu.
  3. Click on "Event Service Online" in Student eService.
  4. Click on the "Event ID*" of the specific workshop/course you wish to register for.

*Note: Event ID can be found on the Workshop Calendar, Student Portal Announcement or email from Core Learning (cl_epsupport@suss.edu.sg).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Writing workshops are held twice a year at the start of each semester (week -1 or 0). Please refer to the Workshop Calendar (and Student Portal Announcement) for updates, or keep a lookout for emails from us (cl_epsupport@suss.edu.sg).

Meanwhile, should you need help in academic writing, you are encouraged to book a slot with our writing coaches

Yes, please ensure your Zoom application is working well before the workshop sessions.  

For certain workshops, students are required to complete certain tasks including a pre-workshop activity which will be drawn upon for discussion during the workshop. Please refer to the confirmation email for more information.  

Please inform Core Learning (CL) Admin via email (cl_epsupport@suss.edu.sg) as soon as possible. We seek your kind cooperation as your considerate action will benefit others who may be on the waiting list.

No, the workshop slides will be made available only to students who have attended the Zoom session of the workshop and have completed the feedback form.

No, only workshop attendees will be given access to the zoom recording for a limited time.

Get in Touch

For more information about the English Language Support Programmes, drop us an email at cl_epsupport@suss.edu.sg.

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