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Certificates in Information and Communication Technology

Producing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals who stay ahead of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) curve discovering disruptive solutions that will advance society.


The Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) ICT Programme Office is an appointed Job Transformation Map (JTM) Training Partner of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to expand the national reskilling and upskilling initiatives in AI and Analytics, with a particular focus on Generative AI, as well as two other high-demand domains: Software Engineering and Cloud and Mobility across various sectors. Through these initiatives, individuals may receive up to 90% course fee funding and employers participating the Career Conversion Programme may receive up to 90% salary support.


How will I benefit?



  • Master in-demand technical skills by acquiring skills that future-proof your career and keep you competitive in the job market
  • Potentially enjoy skills-based wage increments and career advancement pathways upon programme completion, depending on factors such as satisfactory job performance and job scope expansion
  • Receive advanced standing for the relevant part-time degree programmes for selected short courses, subject to meeting the admission requirements

Interested applicants may contact or +65 6248 0263 (8:30am to 5:30pm (Mon-Fri)) for registration / enquiries. 

Ask Admissions



  • Groom, reskill and retain talent with the relevant skills and aptitude to meet the demands of an ever-evolving Digital Economy
  • Receive Pro Bono consultation in reskilling their employees in growth job roles aligned with the sectorial development and trends identified within the I&C Jobs Transformation Map (JTM).
  • Tap on Government funding of up to 90% salary support to reskill mid-career individuals into in-demand growth jobs

Interested employers may contact our Programme Consultant, Dr Sunny Leong, at for partnership / enquiries.

  Ask the Faculty

Short Courses Available

Discover our ICT courses now and unlock a world of opportunities.


Course CodeCourse NameCredit UnitsTimetable*Pre- requisite
CET104Visualisation for Decision MakingNA1 day (9am-5pm) 
CET175Introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) NA1 day (9am-5pm) 
CET253Generating and Understanding Insights from Machine Learning Analytics using RNA2 days (9am-6pm) 
CET276Solving Problems with Lean & Data AnalyticsNA2 days (9am-5pm) 
CET283Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) in FinanceNA2 days (9am-5pm) 
CET285Content Creation & Storytelling using Generative AINA1 day (9am-6pm) 

Technology Risk in Artificial Intelligence

NA2 days (9am-5pm) 
ANL201Data Visualisation for Business56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)BUS105
ANL203Analytics for Decision- Making56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ANL252Python for Data Analytics56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ANL303Fundamentals of Data Mining56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ANL305Association and Clustering56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ANL303
ANL307Predictive Modelling56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ANL303
ANL309Business Analytics Applications56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ANL303
ANL310Business Analytics Applications and Issues56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ANL303
ANL311Selected Topics in Business Analytics56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ANL303
ANL312Text Mining and Applied Project Formulation56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ANL303
ANL317Business Forecasting56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)BUS105
ANL321Statistical Methods56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)BUS105
ANL351SAS Programming and its Application56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ANL303e
BME363Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
BUS375eArtificial Intelligence for Social Good56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
DSM101Mathematical Foundations for Data Science56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ENG335Machine Learning512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
FIN312Mathematics and Programming for FinTech56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)BUS105 and (ANL251 or ANL252)
FIN313Machine Learning and AI for FinTech56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)BUS105 and (ANL251 or ANL252 or ICT133
GER401Ageing and Informatics56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MKT372AI and Marketing 5.056 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD366Online Channel Creation & Management56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT223eBusiness Analysis106 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT302Generative AI: Theory and Practice512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)
POL315AI and Public Administration56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
AIB501Introduction to AI2.53 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
AIB502Ethics of AI2.53 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
AIB503Foundation to Python for AI56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
AIB504Machine Learning in Business56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
AIB551Natural Language Processing56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
AIB552Deep Learning & Neural Networks56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)AIB503
AIB553Computer Vision & Applications56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)AIB503
ANL501Data Visualisation and Storytelling56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ANL503Data Wrangling56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ANL505Hyperautomation56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ANL551Data Analytics for Decision Makers56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ANL552Data Analytics for Managers2.53 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ANL557Applied Forecasting56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 

*Singapore University of Social Sciences reserves the right to amend and/or revise the above schedule without prior notice.

Course CodeCourse NameCredit UnitsTimetable*Pre- requisite
CET101Cloud Computing for allNA1 day (9am-5pm) 
CET102Introduction to CybersecurityNA1 day (9am-5pm) 
CET201Cloud Computing for Managers 1NA1 day (9am-5pm) 
CET202Cybersecurity - Application security by designNA1 day (9am-5pm) 
CET301Cloud Computing for Managers 2NA1 day (9am-5pm) 
CET302Cybersecurity - A Holistic ApproachNA 1 day (9am-5pm) 
ICT263AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT335Cloud Computing: Business Case and Technical Models512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT337Big Data Computing in the Cloud512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)Exposure to Distributed Computing and Python
ICT365AWS Certified Developer – Associate512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT263
ICT366AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT263
ICT367AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT263
ICT369AWS Certified Machine Learning512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT133 and ICT263

*Singapore University of Social Sciences reserves the right to amend and/or revise the above schedule without prior notice.

Course CodeCourse NameCredit UnitsTimetable*Pre- requisite
BUS105Statistics56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ENG231Engineering Ethics56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT114Computer Architecture512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT133Structured Programming512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT162Object Oriented Programming512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT133
ICT225Management Information Systems56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT226Enterprise Systems and Integrated Business Process512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT231Data Structures and Algorithms I512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT133
ICT232Data Structures and Algorithms II512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)MTH251 or ICT231
ICT233Data Programming512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT133
ICT239Web Application Development512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT133 and ICT162
ICT246Operating Systems512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT259Computer Networking512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT265eIT Service Management Fundamentals512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT318Network Security512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT246 and ICT259
ICT323Introduction to Parallel Computing512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT114 and ICT246
ICT325Algorithm Design and Analysis512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT330Database Management Systems512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT331Fundamentals of Concurrent Systems56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT162
ICT338eInformation Security Challenges in Smart Computing512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)Foundation knowledge of computer security
ICT340Application Analysis and Design512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT162
ICT341Web Informatics Programming512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT233 & ICT239
ICT348Information Security Offence Defence and Incident Management512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)ICT318
ICT381Software Engineering and DevOps512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD205Audio Technology512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD207Video Technology512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD215Application of C++ in Multimedia56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD307Computer Music Composition Techniques512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD309Advanced Audio Music Technology512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD311Interactive Digital Animation512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD312Applications of Multimedia Networks56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD315Computer Interactive Graphics56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD319Android Application Development512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD365Virtual Reality Filmmaking512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTD367iOS Application Development512 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTH105Fundamentals of Mathematics56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTH107Calculus I56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
MTH207Linear Algebra56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm 
MTH219Fundamentals of Statistics and Probability56 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm)MTH107
ICT255Oracle Certified Associate1012 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT264HCIA – Datacom10
12 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 
ICT317eIT Project Management1011 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) and one Saturday session 
MTD301Audio and Video Production Techniques1012 days Weeknights (7pm-10pm) 

*Singapore University of Social Sciences reserves the right to amend and/or revise the above schedule without prior notice.

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