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SUSS Graduate Certificate in Project Management (GCPM)

Key Highlights

Programme Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Project Management (GCPM) is for aspiring in-service and career transition personnel who wish to take up managerial and leadership roles in the built environment sector and lead the industry in this transformative era. Courses encompasses both technical (sustainability, design for manufacture and assembly, productivity and integrated digital delivery) and managerial (project, risk, finance, asset, facility) aspects of the Built Environment sector. The programme is stackable and modular thereby providing busy working adults with flexibility should they be unable to commit a long period of time to obtain a full graduate qualification.

Programme Structure

Each course is 5 credit units (cu) and can be taken on a stand-alone basis. Upon successful completion of 15 cu of coursework with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5, the GCPM will be awarded. GCPM graduates can opt to complete another 15 cu to qualify for the Graduate Diploma.

Elective Courses (15 cu)

The minimum programme duration is 6 months. Classes will be conducted in the evening.

Find out more on the admission eligibility criteria and tuition fee.

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