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Master of Built Environment

Master's Degree Programme

Equipping graduates with the necessary technical and management skills for tomorrow's Built Environment sector.

Master of Built Environment


The Built Environment sector has been fast evolving to embrace digitalisation, SMART technology, sustainability through greater collaboration between the various stakeholders. As facilities, building and infrastructure become more complex, the required competencies and skill set of its managers compounds.

The Master of Built Environment (MBE-SPE) can be stackable by completing the Graduate Certificate in Project Management or Facilities Management, then completing the Graduate Diploma in Project Management (GDPM) and Graduate Diploma in Facilities Management (GDFMT) before pursuing the master's degree. The programme is aimed at equipping graduates with both technical and management skills pertaining to both Project Management and Facilities Management. This will allow graduates better versatility and wider career options.

Unique Features of the Programme

  • Each course is modular and self-contained.
  • Course instructors are experienced senior practitioners from the industry .
  • The programme is stackable and thus in line with the national emphasis on stackable credentials that facilitate lifelong learning. Students may graduate with a graduate certificate, graduate diploma or master's degree.
  • Some of the modular courses can qualify for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points to fulfil accreditation requirements for the Society of Project Managers (SPM) or the Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL).

Admission Requirements

Refer to general admission criteria for graduate programmes.

Applicants with a recognised bachelor's degree preferably from a field related to the Built Environment sector.

Applicants with relevant work experience but with other qualifications may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

This programme is open to Singapore citizens and permanent residents, other residents, as well as international students.

Financial Assistance

The University offers course fee concession for selected graduate programmes. Please click here for more details. For alumni who just graduated, please see alumni benefits in FAQ Qn.9.

Programme Structure

To graduate with the MBE, students are required to complete 60 credit units (cu) of courses. Students have to maintain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 in their coursework in order to obtain the master's degree. There are three modes of admission into MBE.

Direct Admission
Direct admission is open to Singapore citizens, permanent residents, or residents in Singapore. Students can apply for MBE-SPE via Admission Office link. Students on MBE-SPE may take a maximum of 20 cu of courses per semester and complete the programme in maximum 4 years.

From GDPM or GDFMT (Stackable)
Students who have completed either GDPM or GDFMT with a minimum GPA of 3.0 will receive a letter of invitation after the release of exam results to apply for MBE-SPE. The maximum candidature remains to be 4 years from the date of entry into GDPM or GDFMT.

Accelerated Pathway
The accelerated pathway (MBE-SPE-A) is open to Singapore citizens, permanent residents, other residents, as well as international students. It is compulsory for international students to enter via the accelerated pathway. Students on the accelerated pathway take 30 cu of courses on average per semester and complete the programme in 1 year.

Master of Built Environment

The Master in Built Environment (MBE-SPE) is for aspiring in-service and career transition personnel who wish to take up managerial and leadership roles in the built environment sector and lead the industry in this transformative era.

Graduates from the MBE-SPE programme will be equipped with knowledge from both Project and Facilities Management. They will be recognised by industry partners and will have a wide range of career options in both construction and facilities management firms. The MBE-SPE programme will help student rise to the requirements of managerial roles in their workplace.

  1. What is the duration to complete the programme?
    For MBE-SPE, the minimum and maximum candidature is 2 years and 4 years respectively.
    For MBE-SPE-A, the minimum and maximum candidature is 1 year.

  2. How many courses students take in each semester?
    For MBE-SPE, students may take up to a maximum of 20 cu per semester, but is recommended to take up to 15 CU.
    For MBE-SPE-A, students are to take 30 cu per semester.

  3. How many intake(s) are there in a year?
    There are 2 intakes a year for MBE-SPE and MBE-SPE-A; every January and July.

  4. When are the lessons scheduled?
    Lessons are scheduled on weekdays evenings from 7pm to 10pm and some Saturday.

  5. What are the assessment components in each course?
    It consists a mixture of quiz, participation, tutor-marked assignments, group-based assignments and either Written Examination/Timed Online Assignment (TOA) or End of Course Assessments (ECA).

  6. I am an International student; can i join the programme?
    Yes, you can! International student on student pass are required to join the programme via the accelerated pathway (MBE-SPE-A) and complete the programme within 1 year. They are required to complete 30 cu per semester.

  7. How do i sign up for FMT588?
    Please approach the HoP together with your proposed topic before selecting this course. The respective HoP will have to approve your proposed topic before you can embark on this course.

  8. I am only interested in some of the courses. Can I only apply for these courses only?
    Yes, you can. You will need to apply under the Continuing Education and Training (CET) pathway link. If you intend to stack towards a GDPM, GDFMT or MBE later on, you will need to apply for enrolment under Admission Office. Upon acceptance, you can email Student Services Office ( and indicate your desire to perform a credit transfer to the programme of your choice. If you want to exit at Graduate Certificate level, please fill up this form and send to

  9. I am an SUSS alumni, what kind of benefits can I enjoy and how do I apply for these benefits?
    SUSS graduates from the January 2022 semester onwards will be entitled to 2 free modular courses. They can also utilise the $500 dollar Lifelong Learning Credit. The Lifelong Learning Credit will cease by end of December 2023. Student who wants to utilise this scheme should apply via the CET pathway. Do take note of their registration period. Upon completion of the course, they can perform a credit transfer to the programme of their choice. For other benefits, please refer to the Financial Assistance section above.

  10. What happens if I do not complete the graduate programmes (e.g. Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master) within the candidature period? Can I apply to take the remaining courses via CET pathway?
    Students who do not complete the graduate programmes within the stipulated candidature period will not be eligible for the award of the qualification. You may apply to take the remaining courses as part of your personal learning and development via CET pathway. Your application will be subjected to the CET admission requirement. However, as the candidature period has been exceeded, you will not be awarded the qualification even after taking the courses via CET pathway.
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