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Celebrating personal and team achievement's in your leadership journey



"Celebration infuse life with passion and purpose. They summon the human spirit."

- Terrence E Deal, Author and founder of the Terrence E. Deal Leadership Institute at the University of La Verne

Apart from the Leadership e-Badges administered by SUSS Centre for Experiential Learning, students can encouraged to apply for awards offered by external organisations that encourage both personal and leadership development. 

Internal Awards


e-Badge v4

The Leadership e-Badges celebrate and acknowledges students' achievements in their leadership journey at SUSS. There are 3 tiers of achievement badges available to students modeled after SUSS 3H (Head, Heart, Habit) educational philosophy, and are awarded via the Porfolium platform.

In the leadership context,

  • Head: Gaining knowledge of leadership
  • Heart Translating knowledge into leadership practice
  • Habit: Demonstration of leadership practice over a sustained period of time


All full-time and part-time SUSS students are eligible to apply for an e-Badge. Students will earn the badge once they have fulfilled the tier requirements.


Student keen to apply for an e-Badge can register their interest here.


For more information on the Leadership e-Badges, please refer to the FAQ.

External Awards


The internationally recognised Award is designed to encourage and motivate young people develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance and a sense of responsibility to themselves, society and the nation. There are three levels of the NYAA Programme – Bronze, Siler, and Gold. All awards must be completed before the participant’s 30th birthday, whereby all activities and projects must be carried out before then.

Students are encouraged to pursue the NYAA Gold Level. You may visit the Office of Student Life for consultation.

For more information about the NYAA Award, please visit the NYAA Website.

Email the Office of Student Life to register your interest in the NYAA Award.

Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) celebrates and recognises youths with outstanding contributions in leadership and service within our community. Outstanding student leaders are offered a scholarship to participate in the internationally-renowned 21-day OBS Classic Challenge Course.

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