Mrs Wong-Mah Jia Lan LEAD Academy

Platforms to practice leadership

"Success has to do with deliberate practice. Practice must be focused, determined and in an environment where there is feedback."

- Malcom Gladwell, English-born Canadian journalist, author, and public speaker


With a myriad of platforms for students to showcase their competencies and grow as a student leader, students can contribute and actively apply their leadership skills through participation in these various platforms.

Advocacy Groups (AGs) are student initiatives that work in partnership with the Office of Student Life to run key student life programmes. These include programmes that advocate for student voice, student onboarding, wellbeing, active citizenship, international students and special education needs support.

Competition Groups (CGs) are initiated and managed by SUSS students who are passionate about the sport and in wanting to make SUSS proud. The student athletes have to balance studies, work, and sports.


Bringing like-minded students together, the student-run Interest Groups help create a vibrant student body and strengthen one's sense of belonging to SUSS through connecting with others over mutual interests.

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Other platforms through which student leaders may choose to contribute to further their leadership skills include:

1. Career Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants (TA) under the Career Development Office (CDO)  are trained to conduct upskilling workshops for their peers. The topic and content of the Peer Mentoring workshops are co-developed by the TAs and CDO staff mentors, and are designed to help students build work-applicable skills.

Students keen on becoming a TA can look out for job openings on InPlace@SUSS.

2. Community Engagement (CE) Leaders
CE leaders initiate opportunities for collaboration with community/social organisations and actively participate in the community to address social issues and create social impact. CE projects are often student-led, with guidance from both their community partner mentor and OSL staff mentor. 

3. Youth Corps Leaders
Students who are keen on growing their community leadership knowledge and skills can join the Youth Corps Leaders Programme, where they will get equipped with essential skills such as community needs analysis and stakeholder management to serve and lead change in the community. Beyond initiating community projects with funding support from Youth Corps Singapore, students will be able to lead other volunteers in Youth Corps programmes and pursue their passion through interest-based clusters.

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