9 - 11 October 2019

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Get your own personalised Straits Times (ST) newspaper with your name and programme by making a donation to your university. 

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  • Donate $48 for a personalised ST newspaper or $148 for a personalised ST newspaper and a framed copy too!
  • All proceeds will go to the Class of 2019 Fund to support our fellow students in need.
  • Collection will be at the Atrium after your Convocation ceremony. 

Click here to download the form and submit it to by 5 October 2019 (Saturday).

Please note that the ST cover pages shown are purely for reference only. Cover page will be based on your Convocation Day news coverage.

Contribute to the Class of 2019 Fund to help your juniors who need financial assistance!

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Donor Acknowledgement & Award Winners

Our heartfelt gratitude to our 2019 donors.

  • Arcadis Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Ascendas-Singbridge Pte Ltd
  • BCA Academy
  • BDO Tax Advisory Pte Ltd
  • Benny S Lim
  • BinjaiTree
  • CAIA Association Singapore Office Ltd
  • Cengage Learning Asia Pte Ltd
  • Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • EM Services Pte Ltd
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • Esther Tan
  • Executive Management Programme Alumni
  • Frank Tan Research Associates
  • Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd
  • Infocomm Media Development Authority
  • Institute of Materials (E.Asia)
  • Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants
  • Intellectual Property Office of Singapore
  • International Facility Management Association (Singapore Chapter)
  • Ivy Chia
  • Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple
  • Lee Fook Hong
  • Lee Foundation
  • Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud
  • MY World Preschool
  • Nam Leong Co Pte Ltd
  • National Council of Social Service
  • NCS Pte Ltd
  • NTUC First Campus Co-operative Ltd
  • NTUC Income
  • Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute
  • Patrick H M Loh
  • PwC Singapore
  • Rosemary Khoo
  • S Vasoo
  • SAGE Publications Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
  • SAS Institute Pte Ltd
  • Sift Analytics Group Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers
  • Singapore Link Sciences Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Logistics Association
  • Singapore Tamil Teachers' Union
  • Society of Project Managers
  • Sri Vinayaka Exports Pte Ltd
  • ST Engineering Aerospace Ltd
  • Synergy Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
  • Tableau Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • Tamil Language and Cultural Society
  • Tamil Language Council
  • Tan Lee Siang
  • Taylor & Francis Asia Pacific
  • The Institution of Engineers, Singapore
  • The Write Connection Pte Ltd
  • Times Publishing Group
  • Tower Transit Singapore
  • Yangzheng Foundation

Session 1

Graduate Studies

Alice Lim Memorial Fund Gold AwardCheng Seow Cheng Dolly
Alice Lim Memorial Fund Silver AwardNur 'Atiqah Binte Mohd Farhan
Alice Lim Memorial Fund Bronze AwardLee Kah Hoe (Li Jiahao)
IPOS Gold AwardWendy Sim Kim Lang
IPOS Silver AwardLeck Kwong Joo
IPOS Bronze AwardMak Sok Wai (Mai Shuhui)
Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple (MNPM) Gold AwardSang Siew Hoon (Xin Xiufen)
The Lee Foundation Gold AwardHossain Farhana Mrs Farhana Tayef Quader
The Lee Foundation Silver AwardLisnasari Binte Noran
Tower Transit Gold AwardKwek Swee Cheng
Tower Transit Silver AwardLim Chun Yu (Lin Chunyu)
Excellence AwardSiew Chau Yeng
Outstanding Achievement AwardNg Wee Leng
The Lee Foundation Achievement Award in TESOLLisnasari Binte Noran
Social Work Book PrizeGoh Yiqing

School of Business

ISCA Gold AwardGuo Ziheng
ISCA Silver AwardWong Ee Wai
ISCA Bronze AwardZachary Ong Wei Wen
Synergy Financial Advisers Gold AwardKong Mei Xuan
Synergy Financial Advisers Silver AwardChen Jui Hsin @ Rhys
Synergy Financial Advisers Bronze AwardNg Mei Ying Amaris
BDO Award in TaxationGuo Ziheng
Deloitte & Touche LLP Achievement Award in Accounting Theory & PracticeWong Ee Wai
EY Award in Assurance & TaxationLau Honghui, Stanley
KPMG Award in Valuation, Governance & RiskLau Honghui, Stanley
PKF-CAP LLP Award in Assurance and AttestationGuo Ziheng
PwC Award in Financial & Management AccountingLau Honghui, Stanley
SP-IVYCHIA-MASIEWLEONG representing AIA Singapore Pte Ltd Book PrizeGuo Ziheng
Service-Learning AwardAlvin Teo Yu Sian
Ang Mun Chin
Cheryl Cheong Su-Fen
Daryl Ng Wei Xuan
Foo Pei Fen Jeannette
Juan Ying Sheng, Clement
Low Yi Ting Eunice
Phang Zi Han
Tan Jun Cheng
Tan Zhi Qing
Yap Jia Qi
SUSS-EMP Alumni Entrepreneurship AwardKaesang Pangarep
Low Yi Ting Eunice

Session 2

School of Business

CAIA Gold AwardZhang Zhenyi
CAIA Silver AwardGino James Kang Jun Wei
CAIA Bronze AwardGlenda Chua Huai Jiao
Lee Fook Hong Gold AwardLee Guek Hong (Li Yuefeng)
Lee Fook Hong Silver AwardTan Hui Hui
Lee Fook Hong Bronze AwardPereira Joscelyn Sebastian
Sift Analytics Group Gold AwardLee Deneng
Singapore Logistics Association Gold AwardWong Sweet Ling Adeline (Huang Xueling)
Singapore Logistics Association Silver AwardSoh Ming En, Isaac
SAS Analytics Achievement AwardLee Deneng
Business Analytics Applied Project Book PrizeLee Deneng
SAS Programming and Its Application Book PrizeOng Wei Kuan
Tableau Book PrizeGino James Kang Jun Wei
Tham Yun Zhi
SUSS-EMP Alumni Entrepreneurship AwardDaryl Teo Zhe Wei

Session 3

School of Humanities & Behavioural Sciences

Interlexis Gold AwardLim Wen Xin (Lin Wenxin)
Marshall Cavendish Gold AwardNg Jun Ting, Nathaniel (Huang Junting)
Marshall Cavendish Silver AwardLam Kum Yee, Calvin
Marshall Cavendish Bronze AwardLim Ai Lee
SAGE Gold AwardLee Chun Hwee, Glenn (Li Junhui)
Tamil Language Council Gold AwardIbrahim Asharaf Ali
Tamil Language & Cultural Society Silver AwardPurushothaman Padmini
Taylor & Francis Gold AwardJoyce Wan Ee Peng
Taylor & Francis Silver AwardEsther Seah Yee Ting
Taylor & Francis Bronze AwardZalikha Liyana Binte Abdul Rahiman
The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday Memorial Scholarship Fund Board's (LBKM) Gold AwardMohamed Iskandar Bin Sapi
Vincent Khoo Kah Tat Gold AwardGoh Mei Mei Bridget Karen
Yangzheng Foundation Gold AwardDong Ling
Yangzheng Foundation Silver AwardWang Guijun
Yangzheng Foundation Bronze AwardLiu Hui
Ascendas-Singbridge Top Achievement AwardGoh Yun Ning (Wu Yunning)
IMDA Excellence Award for Film StudiesHo Kin Yunn
Marshall Cavendish Achievement Award (English Literature)Teh Chong Jin
Sri Vinayaka Exports Pte Ltd Achievement Award (Language)Ibrahim Asharaf Ali
Sri Vinayaka Exports Pte Ltd Achievement Award (Literature)Ibrahim Asharaf Ali
Taylor & Francis Social Science Core Achievement AwardLee Chun Hwee, Glenn (Li Junhui)
The Chinese Alumni Achievement Award (Language)Lin Wenqin
The Chinese Alumni Achievement Award (Literature)Zhou Shaojuan
The Golden Village Achievement Award for Film StudiesHo Kin Yunn
The Write Connection Achievement AwardNg Jun Ting, Nathaniel (Huang Junting)
Ascendas-Singbridge Book Prize (Interpretation)Yap Liling, Faustine
Cengage Learning Asia Book PrizeKoh Sok Chen, Joyce
Sri Vinayaka Exports Pte Ltd Book PrizePurushothaman Padmini

Session 4

School of Science & Technology

BCA Gold AwardOng Kim Chai Leslie (Wang Jincai Leslie)
BCA Silver AwardTan Soo Kim
BCA Bronze AwardChing Fung Guan (Zeng Fanyuan)
Dr Patrick H. M. Loh Gold AwardLee Cai Zhen
Dr Patrick H. M. Loh Silver AwardChew Zheng Hao
Dr Patrick H. M. Loh Bronze AwardVasudevan Pillai Jayarani
NCS Gold AwardTeo Shao Qi
NCS Silver AwardLoo Wei Jie
NCS Bronze AwardLim Han Loong, Roy
NTUC Income Gold AwardJordan Toh Yuexuan
NTUC Income Silver AwardTeo Wei Quan
NTUC Income Bronze AwardDelci Khoo May Ping
ST Engineering Aerospace Gold AwardXie Hongzhe, Edgar
ST Engineering Aerospace Silver AwardJasmine Yap Siew May (Ye Xiumei)
ST Engineering Aerospace Bronze AwardWilliam Tiang
Arcadis Achievement AwardOng Kim Chai Leslie (Wang Jincai Leslie)
EM Services Achievement AwardSim Cai Ling, Eileen
IES Top Student AwardJasmine Yap Siew May (Ye Xiumei)
Yap Ka Ling (Ye Jialing)
IMDA Top Student AwardKerry Koh Si Jie
Singapore Institute Of Surveyors and Valuers QS Division Achievement AwardTan Soo Kim
Society of Project Managers Achievement AwardChing Fung Guan (Zeng Fanyuan)
IFMA Book PrizeKoh Aik Hai
Institute Of Materials East Asia Book PrizeChew Zheng Hao

Session 5

S R Nathan School of Human Development

Anthony Yeo Memorial Gold AwardChau Catherine Fung Shan
Anthony Yeo Memorial Silver AwardLael Pang Jia Min
Anthony Yeo Memorial Bronze AwardOng Wei Chong
MY World Preschool Gold AwardYang Huixian
MY World Preschool Silver AwardLi Pingting
MY World Preschool Bronze AwardZhao Jing
National Council Of Social Service (NCSS) Gold AwardTeng Si Jia
National Council Of Social Service (NCSS) Silver AwardTan Yi Ling, Jolyn
National Council Of Social Service (NCSS) Bronze AwardDarren Nico Pillai
NTUC First Campus Gold AwardAng Jie Ying (Hong Jieying)
NTUC First Campus Silver AwardZaleena Binte Abdullah
NTUC First Campus Bronze AwardJaslene Peh Hai May
Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute Gold AwardAaron Tan Yu Xuan
Social Work Book PrizeYeo Yiying, Lynn
Service-Learning AwardConnie Lim Puay Ling
Kimberley Neo Wei Wei
Seah Yee Teng Crystal

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