Limited Edition SUSS EZ-Link Charm

We have a special gift from the University to congratulate you on your graduation. You will be able to collect this gift together with your degree certificate during your scheduled appointment with the Student Support Department.

This limited edition SUSS EZ-Link Charm has been specially commissioned and customised for the Class of 2020. The expiry date of the EZ-Link Charm is 5 Dec 2023.

We have loaded a stored value of $5 to start you on your journey. Please be informed on the below channels that you can use to sync your Graduation EZ-Link Charm to receive the stored value:
(Please note that 30 Apr 2021 will be the last day to sync your charm and receive the stored value.)

1. AXS (recommended)
Click here for step-to-step guide.

2. EZ-Link Mobile App (Applicable for NFC Phone - only for Android users)
Step 1: Download EZ-Link App from Google Play Store.
Step 2: Either add CAN ID to the account or tap charm at the back of the phone.
Step 3: A yellow colour notification informing you to update your charm will pop out.
Step 4: Tap on notification and tap charm onto the back (middle) of the phone.
Note: Please remove your phone case before you tap the charm onto your phone via NFC.
EZ-Link App

In unforeseen circumstances where $5.00 is not updated, it will be deemed failed syncing. Do NOT attempt to try again.

Please email Kexin ( or Clarice ( with the CAN ID of the EZ-Link Charm and the team will do another backend check. Please cc when sending emails to the above EZ-Link staff.

Alternatively, you may also contact the EZ-Link Hotline at +65 6496 8300, from 8am to 6pm daily, except public holidays, for any issues regarding the EZ-Link Charms.

EZ-Link Charm



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