Voices of our Graduands

Sakinah Binte Jumahat, Ashira Binte Ahmad, Bridget Kang Xiang Ling, Choo Ler, Dardanelleis Balisi Lizaso (Doli), Siti Mariam Binte Mustaffa, Teo Hai Thoe (Jaslyn)

Master of Early Childhood Education with Practitioner Specialisation

Carolyn Chew

Bachelor of Counselling

A big thank you to the Head of Programme, lecturers, school counsellor and life coach and fellow graduands for your guidance and journeying together!

Hu Fangwen

Master of Social Work

Thankful for my study buddy of two years: Adriel Tham :) thanks for that awesome journey!! See you at our convocation!

Also this allows me to be an inspiration to my daughter that education is for life.

Ian Koh Deng Yuan

Master of Adult Learning

Ian Koh Deng Yuan

To the graduating Class of 2020, congratulations! Graduating may feel bittersweet at this moment: On one hand, we can't have a physical celebration (yet). On the other, it marks a new chapter in our lives.

I took on the Grad Cert in Adult Learning in 2018, hoping to learn something to enhance my on-the-job capabilities (I was in a university doing student management). What I learnt during the course blew me away and piqued my interest so much that I decided to continue with the Diploma, and subsequently the Masters. Ironically, I had never been a good student throughout my academic life because I was never interested in studying. The MATLG programme changed that, and I made the difficult decision to leave my job to devote myself to my studies. Looking back, it was a huge risk, but I have no regrets.

I'd like to thank my parents, relatives, ex-colleagues and friends for supporting me through my learning journey. I am also grateful for all my SUSS MATLG lecturers for motivating and inspiring me to give the best I can. Special thanks must also be given to my Head of Programme and Programme Executive for all the support rendered over the years. SUSS's faculty and staff are truly wonderful.

I was fortunate to secure a job in the Teaching & Learning field just before graduation. That said, the learning never truly ends. To my fellow graduates, take heart during this difficult period, because all bad things will eventually pass. Always remember that “Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it” - Marlan Wright Edelman.

Jaslyn Peng Wenjuan

Master of Gerontology (Management)

Jaslyn Peng Wenjuan

Dear Lectures and classmates, we are smiling and experiencing the excited moments, we overcome the challenges faced in learning journey and obtained the achievement and success from SUSS, Miss you SUSS, miss you, my dearest classmates and lectures, stay safe and strong, active and successful in ageing!

Nur Liyana Binti A Wahid

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Management

Nur LiyanaThe flexibility of SUSS's unique and enriching learning path that really drives one to be resilient and self-directed. It was a whole new level of juggling for me as I grow together with my evolving role as budding early childhood professional, a doting wife and subsequently a nurturing mother to a precious bundle of joy. Plus, I had to fulfil the added scholarly obligations I was awarded during my freshmen year.

I fondly recall bearing the animated startling kicks from the little one during my exams when I was in my third semester of pregnancy and tirelessly nursing him while I did the research for my assignments in the wee hours of the morning. I am indeed grateful to the amazing support system I had that made all my experiences worthwhile.

Ultimately, take my hat off to all the mothers out there who remarkably balance all their extraordinary roles in their life and want to tell them wholeheartedly; ‘You are doing great!'.

Nurhidah Binte Mat Noor

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Psychology

Four years of determination, perseverance, and sacrifices...my success would not be possible without my pillars of great support from the people around me!

I sincerely thank all who had been a part of my memorable journey till I achieved my bachelor's degree. May this journey be an inspiration to others out there who wish to pursue their dream! As for my four lovely children who witnessed this journey together with me, Ibu hope this inspires all four of you to succeed in your studies and life, too!

I will miss all the memories made throughout the time I studied at SUSS. Thank you SUSS for the opportunity!

Nurul Fazliana Binte Rahman

Bachelor of Social Work

Nurul FazlianaI am beyond ecstatic to have accomplished my Bachelor in Social Work with SUSS. It becomes even more special as I have also accomplished many of my personal goals while studying in SUSS.

I got engaged and married during my first years in SUSS. I was completing TMAs on my wedding night! I then got pregnant and begin waddling in the seminar rooms, attending my night classes with a huge belly. I gave birth to my baby girl on my final year with SUSS. I was told by my gynae that I might not be able to make it for exams, but I was determined to go through it and persevered with so much determination. I trusted myself that I could take the risk and I did! These special and truly significant moments in my life has made education with SUSS an unforgettable experience. My baby now loves holding a pencil and became uncontrollably happy when she sees books and papers. Back when i was 'baking' her in my tummy, she was the most active only during my night classes in SUSS.

I would like to give special thanks to my supportive husband, my family, friends, my kind classmates and lecturers who accomodated me so much especially while i was heavily pregnant. I wouldn't be able to go through school without the supportive environment in SUSS as well as at home. My hopes is to inspire others especially my daughter, to belief that if we want to change the world, education is the most powerful weapon, a mind expanding gift that can broaden horizons, enrich lives and change the world if used correctly. Long days and night studying, all the pain and struggles to gain knowledge, is nothing compared to the lifetime benefits that will stay within us forever.

Thank you SUSS for being a big part of my life journey, not only in providing me with the education that i am passionate about, but also allowing me to be an inspiration to my daughter, and be the living example to her that education is for life.

Ong Yat Leng

Bachelor (Hons) of Social Work

To my fellow graduands,

As we graduate with our degrees and close this chapter of our lives, let us also not forget what spurred us to undertake our studies in the first place.

SUSS is special to me in that it gave me the opportunity to make a career switch into a totally different profession after almost 20 years of employment. Such a move would have been practically unheard of perhaps just 20 years ago.

Let us be grateful and give back to our juniors and society with our newfound knowledge and experiences. Congratulations to all graduands; and to my fellow graduands in social work, I hope to meet you out in the field very soon!

Sim Puay Hwee

Bachelor of Counselling

Finally, yes, finally, I have successfully pulled through four years of part-time study. I am grateful to Cecilia for admitting me to SUSS. It is a school filled with love and compassion which I have not experienced before in my years of studies.

Thank you!

Supatriana Binte Supaat

Master of Community Leadership and Social Development

Supatrianna Supaat

Congratulations to the class of 2020! It is really an achievement that we have graduated. Looking back, we have juggled the commitments of family, work and studies. The unexpected Covid-19 has pushed us to adapt to online classes and examinations. These challenges were not easy, but we did it. We could not have done it without our supportive lecturers, course mates, family and friends.

I am thankful for the Social Resilience Enhancement Scholarship awarded by SUSS which has encouraged me to do better. I am grateful for the lecturers who have guided us to critically raise questions and search for our own answers. I will always remember the most fun, collaborative and caring course mates ever. With their company, my studies have been so enriching. Lastly, thanks to my husband, family and friends who have given me their utmost support. The Masters programme has given me the impetus to continue my lifelong learning and give back to the society.

Wong Pei Yi

Bachelor of Social Work

I am very thankful for all the lessons, the MOE Bursary, Counselling and Life Coaching that I received during each semester. I am also thankful for the support and help that my loved ones and friends have given me through the past 7 years. These taught me to prioritize my time, build great habits and stay focused on my goals. I'm proud of this achievement and this degree I feel that what I learned which will help in my career is going to give me a big advantage in my career now.

Chen Xue Yi

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management

Chen Xue YiLife has never been easy especially in the year of 2020 where pandemic strikes and it puts a halt to our daily lifestyle. In this 4-year journey, my life has been just working and studying Full-time concurrently. It's definitely not an easy journey but looking back, it's worth it. Just like any other graduands, I was looking forward to graduation ceremony, travelling and landing my foot into the society. However, all these plans have been disrupted.

Before the circuit breaker, I was really happy and felt blessed to be offered a Permanent Full-Time role in a company. But when circuit breaker starts, the company has to revoke the offer as they felt that there's no need for the role. There I was feeling lost and disappointed.

Despite of the down feelings, I pulled myself together with the unconditional support of my family and friends. I decided to be a Tuition teacher for the lower income families, giving back to the society within my own means.

Today, I'm very blessed and fortunate to be working Full-time in the industry and job that I liked, while still providing tuition on my weekends. As the phrase goes "tough time don't last, tough people do", I would like to wish all my fellow graduands a happy graduation and may these tough times mold us a better, stronger and tougher resilience in our character to face all other obstacles in life.

I wouldn't be who am I today without all the love and support from my family, fiance, friends and professors/lecturers. I'm so thankful and love you all with all my heart. Last but not least, "Daddy and Mummy, I DID IT!"

Lim Renwei

Master of Management (Urban Transportation)

To all my fellow graduates of Year 2020, congratulations to everyone for achieving this milestone in life! Despite the constraints caused by Covid-19 pandemic, let us all still take this opportunity to come together to celebrate this special moment. Cheers!

Mohammad Azhar Bin Aziz

BSc Business Analytics

Congratulations, Class of 2020 for Biz Analytics! We have worked so hard for the past 4 years. Thank you to our lecturers who have been always patient and ready to share. Studying in SUSS has been a great decision!

Peh Ee Na, Diana

Bachelor of Accountancy

I would like to thank my family for the support for the past 6 years. I am glad to have met some good friends, Sandy and Victoria for the friendship and guidance. I would also like to thank my husband. I would not have done it without anyone of you! May god bless each and everyone of you with great health and happiness!

Mohammad Rashikin Bin Rajah, Elavaini Krishnamoorthy, Ong Zhi Jie, Low Jia Wei, Ching Guek Lin, Lily Goh, Afiq Akmal Bin Abad, Annette Yeo Xue Wei, Valerie Lei Huat Tze

Hemalatha Elango

Bachelor of Tamil Language and Literature

HemaI am Hemalatha Elango, graduating class of 2019. My major at SUSS was Bachelor of Tamil Language and Literature. I believe that education is a lifelong journey. I must admit that this is a journey that would not have been possible if not for the support of my family members.

When I was about to complete my degree, my father passed on in India right before my very final paper. I left to attend his funeral and cremation with a heavy heart as I could not sit for my final paper. It was an emotional moment as my father would always remark to me about how he really wanted me to finish this degree.

Nevertheless, I wrote to Professor Tsui Kai Chong and explained my unforeseen circumstances to him. He approved my request to write the paper in the succeeding semester and up to this day, words cannot express how much I am grateful to him.

I would also like to thank my ex-Principal Ms Windersalam for her fullest support – she approved my exam leave, wrote an email to SUSS to explain my circumstances, and also always provided me with the moral support that I needed.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my family, friends, ex-colleagues, HOPs, lectures, and everyone else who helped and guided me all way during my studies in SUSS. It would not have been possible for me to walk this journey alone.

Lin Yuna

BSc Psychology

Lin YunaIt was a truly gratifying experience to have finally graduated from university. My journey at SUSS was definitely not easy juggling both work and study, coping with stressful personal situations and the loss of a family member. Despite the challenges faced, I managed to press on and not give up. I would like to thank my friends and family, my faculty-in-charge Ms Eun-Young Yeo and my lecturer Dr Emily Ortega for always being there for their students and helping me throughout my academic journey.

Nur 'Azzah Binte Sa'ad

Nur AzzahIt is almost a disbelief but I am really glad and thankful that I have finally completed my studies in SUSS.

My challenges were especially when I was pregnant, in order to pull through my modules I had to work extra hard and be persistent in completing the assessments given, I was fortunate that I had the perfect and caring lectures to aid and improve my understanding in the modules better.

Not to mention, my new friends that I've met in different modules were very supportive and I am forever grateful to have studied here and met them! Most of the time we studied in pairs or in a group of 5 to 6, and help each other in fully understanding the concepts and most of us excel in our exam papers!

My hopes for the future is to be a better version of myself and contribute to the society by being diligent, consistent and persistent employee at work.

Nur Nazihah

BSc Psychology

Nur NazihahWhile it has been a trying time for us all and the graduation ceremony has been postponed, I am immensely proud of everyone's achievement! It was a struggle to complete my studies in the short 3 years while juggling full-time work. From those that I have crossed path with, to classmates and lecturers who have been helpful to me, you have positively impacted me one way or another. Cheers to the Class of 2020!

See Tingting

BA Translation and Interpretation

To all friends and teachers of BATI,

It has been a great journey and I am glad to have known everyone.

All the best!

Suharni Binte Subarjo

BSc Psychology


Heartiest congratulations to the class of 2020! The graduation ceremony is different this year but CHEER UP! You have done well my friends! Juggling schoolwork, family, work responsibilities and personal life are difficult but we made it! All those late nights of studying and doing assignments are worth it!

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching. I have applied to do my Masters in 2021 to pursue my studies simply because I love to study.

I would like to thank my darling husband, two wonderful boys, family, friends and schoolmates whom have given me the strength, love and encouragement throughout my studies. Congratulations once again to my fellow graduates and I wish you all the best in your future undertakings.

Xie Shiquan

BA Psychology with Business

Xie ShiquanThis 5.5 years' journey of knowledge and enlightenment had been lined with physical, mental, and social ups and downs. I entered a new relationship, had major professional role changes, went half-way around the globe and still have to submit my assignments in time, experienced academic failures and excellences, and got married as well. I started my first year at SUSS with full CU load, but only to throttle down to 1 or 2 courses per semester as various challenges sought to dilute my time for quality studies. I have my wife solely to thank for her crucial role in my life as a mediator and balancer as I weave through the academic and professional challenges that peppered my journey with SUSS. Now that I've graduated with solid knowledge etched in my mind, I will be using my learnings in psychology and business to help those who fall in between the gaps that neither the society, industry nor government are motivated to help.

For those who are still on this journey of knowledge and enlightenment, focus your effort on understanding the materials. Every second not spent studying is simply a second not spent studying. Once you understand your materials, the rest will fall in place naturally and your paths will become open and clear. Forge on, fellow schoolmates. This journey is not just about a certificate. This journey is about becoming a better version of yourself.

Lee Quanta

BSc Multimedia Technology and Design

I would like to thank my family, friends and colleagues for their support all this while. Also to June from SUSS who helped me. Thank you all :)

Nur Syazwani Tan @ Tan Pei Fern

Bachelor of Building and Project Management

Congratulations to everyone graduated in 2020!!!

Thanks to all my course-mates, friends and lecturers in BBPM for your support and knowledge. All the best in whatever you do!!

Wendy Chan

Bachelor of General Studies

Wendy ChanI am grateful for the opportunity to learn. I have always wanted to get back to school after having raised 4 kids. I don’t believe that I’m especially smart but I was motivated. When one crossed 50, learning seems slower and often I have to plan ahead to minimize the number of mental shifts and amount of get-ready time for course work. But I learned to focus on learning rather than complaining and enjoyed my friends and tutors for support. I believe that there is nothing one cannot overcome and believed in challenge my own capabilities. I have picked up understanding of computer applications, writing skills which helped me experienced more efficient work days.

I thank God that I have the support of my husband and my understanding children for their ability to empathize my struggles and therefore did not complain about the substandard home cooked meals. Also, thanks to my helpers who have contributed so that I have less to worry on housework in order for me to complete my studies.

I look forward to contributing more to society through collaboration with partners, motivating individuals to keep learning and to never stop exploring the potential in us.

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